Essential Tips To Conduct ISO 9001 Internal Audit

30. April 2018 My Blog 0
Essential Tips To Conduct ISO 9001 Internal Audit

Quality-management-systems-350x350When you have made up your mind to implement a quality management system such as ISO 9001:20018 or ISO 9001:2015, it may require some transformations in your culture. Remember that not only the management representative but also other people within your organization may also get affected. Implementation of a quality system may be a daunting task, but it can be easily accomplished with the existing resources within your organization.

If you are still wondering why you should consider an implementation of a quality system such as ISO 9001:2008, then you should know that there are several reasons to do it. Companies consider an implementation of the quality system to ensure that any kind of quality issues can be avoided and the company can attain recognition of being certified.

Once you have installed a proper quality system, you can perform ISO 9001 internal audit to ensure the compliance with the requirements of internal and industry standards and regulations and customer requirements. Internal audits allow you to explore opportunities for improvement. Companies should conduct an internal audit on a regular basis at planned intervals to ensure that their quality system is well maintained.

How To Prepare For The Audit?

Before the audit, make sure that you prepare thoroughly. When you spend time in preparation, you would be in a better position to become a better auditor. Organise all the aspects of your business to save time during the internal ISO audit.

It is advisable to have an up-to-date audit schedule right before the audit starts. You can communicate the audit schedule with all the parties that would be involved in the audit.

Make sure that you gather all the relevant documentation related to the process that is to be audited. The work instructions, process metrics, process maps, and flowcharts should be checked. Using documented information helps to make the internal audit easier.

When the auditing begins, remember that its function is to drive improvement, and not to name and shame. You need to explain this to the auditees that they can express their views freely during an audit. If you are the auditor, provide proper guidance to the auditees. Avoid arguments or do not directly name people in the audit report.

Once the audit is completed, you can prepare a summary report that notes important issues and improvements. Mark them clearly so that everyone can view and necessary actions can be taken quickly. The findings and conclusions should be documented formally to identify issues and areas of improvement. Mention all the available opportunities in the audit report. Management should take appropriate actions to look after the weak areas and this would lead to improvement in operational performance and improved customer satisfaction.

By using the internal audit process, you can help your company to improve the processes and maintain the compliance with the industry standards. The company can see more value from process improvement ideas. When done correctly, internal audit contributes towards the process improvements.

Companies should conduct ISO 9001 internal audit from time to time to ensure that the company maintains the industry’s standards. Business owners and stakeholders should document everything so that all the employees know how to improve business performance.

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