Tips to overcome depression

01. April 2018 Lifestyle 0

No matter what is the reason that has led you to live or survive in that house inhabited by pain, anguish, despair, uncontrollable crying, self-punishment, rapes and a thousand other things that make you feel like a cockroach and like a being incapable of continuing to inhabit this world … because there is not a single place on the planet where your pain fits with the joy of the rest of the world, nobody understands you and nobody suffers what you are suffering, you know that very well. Have a look at the boho style clothing, to overcome depression.

Depression is like any other disease with the difference that it is not detected by any laboratory or blood test, so that is why it is given less importance, but the one who lives it, feels having a fire burning inside of it. his body and how it is inside, no one can see the flames or the results of the catastrophe. Today I want to leave here some tips that will help you overcome that depression, and the first step for that to happen, besides recognizing that you have the disease, is to accept that just as no one can eat for you so that you can be satisfied, nobody can bathe for you, so that you stay clean and nobody can sleep for you to rest, in the same way, nobody can apply these recommendations to you, the road is long and downhill, but you are stronger than that rock in front of you and you must move before giving the first step towards the reunion with yourself and wear the boho style clothing!

Tips for overcoming depression:

  • Take the key you have in the drawer, insert it in the lock, turn it, open the door and take the first step out of that house that is on fire, that key has a name and is: VALUE. Take it now; take it out of your interior.
  • Do not see novels or news, change them for comedy programs or movies for children, that will start to raise your self-esteem and you will appreciate that there are beautiful things that you still have to enjoy.
  • Read books of personal improvement, they will find valuable information and help you understand that losing and giving is also a way to win.
  • Listen to religious songs, no matter what religion, stop listening to music that reminds you of that someone you love and makes you suffer.
  • If you are suffering for a love, the next time you think about it, ask yourself if he is thinking about you or maybe you are enjoying a beautiful day in the sunny part of the city, while you suffer for him, ask yourself if it is worth it.
  • Do breathing exercises run and when you run, imagine that this pain is lying on the floor and you can trample it to shreds, when you finish doing it you will feel better.
  • Ask for professional help, do not be ashamed, when you need to move a piece of furniture ask for help because it is too big or too heavy for you, only this emotional charge is too.
  • Write down everything you feel about the person or situation that has led you to this probable state, wither if you want to wear the boho style clothing when you have finished, tear the sheet or leaves you have used to pieces, put them in the trash can and make sure they leave, when you cook you do not go to the municipal dump to try to recover onion waste, so you will not want to go to recover the pain, this one is gone, it will not hurt you anymore.